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Come as a Guest.. Leave as a Friend

Welcome to Adisham guest house. If  you need a real rest from your busy schedule, relax a bit , experience silence and beautiful environment or make a retreat in a calm and quiet atmosphere, it is the ideal place, surrounded by birds’ sanctuary and thick forest cover you are in to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Sir Thomas Villiers even had an English chauffeur for his Daimler. What is now the Guest House of the monastery was originally the apartment given by him to his chauffeur . Those who wish to avail themselves of a holiday in the serenity of nature and above all to experience divine peace can spend a few days at the Adisham Guest House.



Please observe the following requirements

  • Don’t expect hotel facilities but hot water, blanket, bed-sheets and towels are provided.
  • At present we charge Rs 3000/= per head for a day with meals.
  • For children the charge is Rs 1500/=. For a day.
  • Book the place at least three weeks ahead and on confirmation you will have to make an advance
  • Deposit which will not be refunded
  • No liquor or smoking is allowed in public places, parlor or dining room.
  • Maintain silence as much as possible.

Traditional Feeling

exterior Experience silence and beautiful environment or make a retreat in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Comfortable Rooms

bed Comfortable Bed Rooms with Attached wash room.

With Hot Water

wash Wash Rooms with Hot Water

Enjoy the Change


It should be emphasized that however Adisham is not a commercial guest house and guests should not expect hotel amusements and are expected to be considerate of the rules of the community

Note : Make a Reservation

To make a reservation to stay in our guest house please send us request to the : info@adisham.org

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