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Our Mission

St. Benedict’s Church, Idalgashinna  

idal1idal2There are fifteen catholic families residing in this area. The Church was dedicated to St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine congregation.

Idalgashinna was a part of the parish of Haputale till 2006.  It was handed over to the Sylvestro-Benedictine community at Benedictine Monastery, Adisham, Haputale by the Bishop of Badulla on the 11th of January 2006. Fr. Bastian Pillai OSB. was appointed as the first parish priest of Idalgashinna Parish. It consist of five tea-estates, namely Glenanore, Beauvais, Idalgashinna, Ohia ana Udaveria. There are three churches in the parish, namely St. Benedict’s Church, Idalgashinna, Church of Our Lady, the Queen of Oblates at Ohia and Church of our Lady of Lourdes at Glenanore estate. Fr. Jude Wilson OSB. succeeded Fr. Bastian and Fr. Gregory Leonidas OSB. took over the  parish in January 2011.

The parish priest generally resides at Adisham since there is no proper mission house in any of the churches. Church in Glenanore estate is about six km. from Adisham, Church at Idalgashinna estate,twelve km. and the church at  Ohia is thirty five km. The roads to Idalgashinna and Ohia are very much dilapitated and hardly any vehicle go along these roads. People walk five to ten miles to get into a bus or a train and travel twenty to twenty five miles to get their basic requisites.

Almost 100 % of the parishioners are employed in the tea-estates. The salaries they receive are hardly sufficient to cover up their daily expences. Holy Mass is offered in all three churches, every  Sunday.

Ohia- Church of our Lady, the Queen of Oblates.

ohiya1ohiya2It was built by the OMI fathers who are working in the parish of Haputale. The catholics at Ohia and Udaveria estates attend the services at this church. There are twenty four catholic families in this area. The school at  Ohia has classes only upto Grade seven.

They have to walk at least six km. to reach the railway station and travel by train to Haputale, about twenty km. to purchase their daily needs.

Church of our Lady of Lourdes- Glenanore.

This newly built Church was blessed on the thirty first of March, 2012.

glanore1glanor2There are twenty catholic families in Glenanore estate. The catholic community is very closely united with the non-catholics. During the Tamil and Sinhala new year celebrations they conducted sport activities  the whole day along with the non-catholics and they were quite happy about it. During Christmas season too they had singing and dancing competitions with the non-catholics participating in the activities. They conducted a united carol service before last Christmas and it was very successful.

Generous contributions for the maintenance of the parish will be very much appreciated by the parish priest and the parishioners.