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Frequently Asked Questions

Adisham is a monastery run by Benedictine Monks. Wrapped in the tranquility of the misty hills, Adisham Bungalow attracts every eye that falls on it. The pages of history reveal that the creator of this enthralling place is Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. Read More

We are opened for visitors Every Saturday, Sunday, Poya Day and All Days of School Vacation from 9.00 a.m to to 4.30 pm. We are closed on Weekdays, Good Friday and Christmas day. We show only portion of Adisham, Video & Photography allowed only outside. Read More

Yes, For the maintain this premises, We charge small fee from visitors, Therefore all visitors should buy the tickets from the entrance gate . From Local Visitors Rs. 50.00 Kids Rs.25.00 and Rs.150.00 from Foreigners.

Adisham is a Monastery, therefore we show only portion of adisham, other areas restricted for visitors. Read More

Yes, But inside of the adisham premises restricted for take photograph and videos.

A Four km drive from Haputale, Welimada road will lead you to Adisham, If you wish to get direction from your destination. Adisham Road Map

Yes of Course, Our Adisham Products are natural, Jams, cordials, jellies , Chutney, In Syrup, and Sauce and you can buy from Adisham Shop Situated in Adisham Bungalow and one outlet on the way to Bandarawela the other outlets Sacred Heart Church, Rajagiriya (+94 077-6745516) & Barefoot, No 706 Galle Road, Colombo 03. Read More

Yes , We have Several kinds of beautiful flower plants, you can buy from Adisham Premises.

Yes , We have 9 rooms for guests, who want to relax and avoid noisy environment. Don’t expect hotel facilities but hot water, blanket, bed-sheets and towels are provided.Read More

Yes , We have recently launched our online room booking system, If you wish to reserve a room online, Click Here

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